Environmental Science

Program Highlights

  • Pair any major with a science-based exploration of environmental topics
  • Study chemistry and biology, as well as environmental politics and economics
  • Build an understanding of current issues concerning the environment
  • Opportunities to broaden experience and explore different fields in Environmental Studies through internships and research programs


Students who minor in environmental science at Pacific University take core environmental studies courses, along with classes in chemistry and biology. They pair their scientific studies with social science fields such as economics, health and human behavior to gain a deeper understanding of the human elements of environmental issues. 


Those who complete a minor in environmental science develop a core understanding of the language concepts and methods of environmental sciences, as well as perspectives on current issues facing the environment. No matter their primary discipline, students have a deeper understanding of the complex relationship between humans and their environment, which will suit them in careers and civic life. Our graduates work in education, health professions, policymaking and art.