Film & Video

Using media to tell compelling stories is the cornerstone of the Pacific University film and video major. The program contextualizes film production within the history of the medium and encourages students to make connections between film studies, film production, and other areas of the liberal arts. Instruction is focused on helping students to find their own creative voice through challenging classes and hands-on experiences.

Program Highlights

  • Develop an individual style and critical thinking as you study and practice
  • Collaborate with the community on film and video projects
  • Gain expertise using high-definition cameras and a digital media lab that includes graphic design, illustration, web design, and digital audio and video production hardware and software
  • Complete an intensive year-long, self-designed senior capstone project
  • Take courses in documentary, experimental, animation, and narrative production and studies
  • Study abroad in media production and studies with York St. John University in York, England


The program emphasizes theoretical and social aspects of the media as well as the creative and technical components. The Department of Media Arts enables students to become creative media makers and critical thinkers. Students are encouraged to create media as self-expression to engage with the world around them, to foster inter-cultural and interdisciplinary dialogue, and to reflect on social issues.

Internships with local media and communications outlets also are a key component of study. Examples include KATU-TV in Portland, Portland independent filmmakers, a National Guard newspaper and Voltage Pictures in Hollywood, producers of the academy award-winning film "The Hurt Locker." This broad-based approach allows graduates to gravitate to a variety of fields from television and newspapers to web design and marketing.


Pacific students have won awards at nationally recognized film festivals, such as the HP Lovecraft Film Festival, the Oregon Independent Film Festival, the Oregon Film Awards and the Columbia Gorge International Film Festival.

The film and video program is firmly rooted in the liberal arts tradition. Students in the film and video program experience every aspect of the filmmaking process, and thus are better prepared to make informed decisions about which area they would like to pursue for their careers. Students benefit from many opportunities to interact with working filmmakers, craftspeople and other film and video artists.

Our graduates are film, TV and digital media producers, documentary filmmakers, videographers, editors, production assistants and multimedia managers.

Department of Media Arts

The Department of Media Arts also offers a minor in film studies, as well as programs in media arts, integrated media and journalism, as well as a minor in film studies.

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