The German program offers students the opportunity to learn the language and culture of Germany, the largest economy in Europe. The program features immersion courses at lower- and upper-division levels, as well as interdisciplinary studies in language, literature, history, philosophy, music and film. German majors study abroad for at least one semester in Germany or Austria.

Program Highlights

  • Interact with a German-speaking language assistant and with students from around the world via technology and language-learning software in the Center for Languages and International Collaboration (CLIC)
  • Live and go to school in Germany or Austria for at least one semester, or participate in two- and three-week travel courses in Germany and Austria
  • Practice German in extracurricular activities on and off campus
  • Study the language, literature, history, philosophy, music and film of German-speaking countries


German courses include language instruction from beginning to advanced studies. In addition, courses on German literature, grammar, composition, film and drama are available. Students also may take classes offering in-depth study of various cultural issues in German-speaking countries, including politics, history, contemporary media, and music. Students majoring in German studies complete a final senior project or thesis that helps in future career and graduate studies pursuits.


Pacific University students have had success in obtaining Fulbright Scholarships for post-graduate work teaching or doing research in Austria and Germany, and have received prestigious scholarships to study abroad. Students studying German at Pacific are well prepared to interact professionally with Europe’s technological and economic giant, and have a solid understanding of the cultural and social activities of the area. Our graduates work in business, international law, healthcare, computer science, media arts and education.

World Languages & Literatures

The Chinese minor is part of the World Languages & Literatures Department, which also offers majors and minors in FrenchJapanese and Spanish, as well as a major in modern languages and a minor in Chinese.