Pre-Professional Tracks

For many students, Pacific University is one stop on a journey to a satisfying career. It may not be the last stop for students planning to pursue an advanced degree or professional study in medicine, pre-law, finance, or healthcare, it can be the most important.

Pacific’s academic programs combine theory with active learning. Through research projects and internships, you’ll gain hands-on experience highly valued by competitive graduate programs. And, you will have a faculty adviser to guide you through the application and testing process.

Along with its undergraduate degree programs, Pacific also offers several graduate programs. These programs attract students from across the region and the country, as well as many Pacific University undergraduates.

Pacific undergraduates who are interested in pursuing a graduate program in the health professions can take advantage of the Advantage Scholars Program, offering students rigorous preparation for careers in the health professions, with a combination of coursework, advising, observational hours, experiential learning opportunities, and assistance with the application process. Students in the Advantage Program may apply for an early decision for admission to Pacific’s health professions programs during their junior year.

Students also can participate in a number of pre-professional programs. These programs help students complete prerequisite coursework to prepare for specific graduate programs, provide an adviser along the way, and also give students opportunities to meet professionals in their fields of interest and network with peers with similar interests.

Pre-professional tracks

No matter what your interest area, applying to graduate schools means taking aptitude tests, writing personal statements, and filling out applications. Pacific’s Career Development Center sponsors workshops to help students with the process and helps them make educated decisions about their futures.

Finally, Pacific University successful alumni are a great source of information and connection. Alumni often return to campus to talk to students about their experiences, and they also can serve as mentors on your journey.