New ENGINE Sports Lab Opening in Kaka'ako

Engine Hawaii is coming!!!  Dr. Kellen Kashiwa '08, '11 and the Retina Institute of Hawaii is opening a new Engine Sports Lab featuring the Nike SPARQ Sensory Station and Nike Strobe eyewear.  Construction and renovations are almost complete. They partnered up with Crossfit Oahu, so classes have begun for crossfit training.  Engine will begin officially September 1st with Volleyball training camp. This will be the training center Hawaii's been waiting for!

Dr. Kellen Kashiwa specializes in sports vision and low vision rehabilitation.  While attending Pacific University he participated in the research and development studies testing the Nike Sensory Station.  The Nike SPARQ Sensory Performance system analyzes an athlete's visual system and enables them to asses their weekness in their neurosensory components.  He has been working with professional athletes like BJ Penn, Kealoha Pilares, Chad Owens and many college and high school athletes who've all testified how this training benefited their performance.



Know your strengths. Identify your opportunities for growth. Take your performance to the next level. The ENGINE Sports Lab’s unique performance lab provides athletes with specially designed equipment to comprehensively assess areas in need of improvement, both physically and visually (

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