Pacific University Hawai‘i Office

Pacific University Hawaii Office

Welcome to the Pacific University Hawai‘i Administrative Office.

Though our campuses are in Oregon, Pacific University values its strong connections to our Boxer ‘Ohana in Hawai‘i. At our administrative office in Honolulu, we strive to bring a little piece of Pacific to Hawai‘i.

We welcome prospective students interested in exploring their higher education opportunities at Pacific University at our campuses in Oregon. Whether you are a high school student interested in studying the liberal arts and sciences, business or education, or you are a potential graduate student with your eye on the health professions or optometry, we are here to help you connect with Pacific University.

Do you have a loved one studying at Pacific? We love meeting parents and families, and we are here to help you learn more about your student’s experience and stay in touch with their college years.

And, of course, we invite all of our many Hawai‘i alumni to stop by to say hi, attend special events and stay in touch with one another and with Pacific University.

We are working closely with high schools and community colleges to help create a smoother path for students transitioning to Pacific University. And, we also invite volunteers and friends to come in to learn more about how to get involved with Pacific.

We welcome you to stop by and visit us.



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