Healthcare Compliance Graduate Certificate Program FAQs

How is the Program organized?

Pacific University’s Graduate Certificate Program in Healthcare Compliance is a 12-month blended online and synchronous cohort program designed for working professionals. Students begin with an onsite orientation in Hillsboro, Oregon and first course, Introduction to Executive Leadership and Ethics in Healthcare. At this time, students will meet their cohort, or group of students they will move through the certificate program with and get instructions on using the online course tools. The onsite meeting is followed by 12-months of online learning. Finally, students return to Hillsboro to present their capstone project and complete the last course – Compliance Capstone Seminar.

What can I expect during the onsite course?

The onsite course time provides students with the opportunity to meet the course faculty and get oriented to the online learning system. Students also have the opportunity to meet the Masters of Healthcare Administration students and staff, and other members of the College of Health Professions at Pacific University.

Are the onsite weekend residencies required?

Yes, at this time, students must attend two weekends onsite in Hillsboro, Oregon.

What can I expect during the Online Learning?

During the online portion of the Program, students will work synchronously through Adobe Connect, with set course meeting times. Students and instructors will meet twice a week in 2 hour sessions using web conferencing. Course readings, forum discussions and other assignments will be administered and organized through Moodle. Many courses will require a weekly forum discussion, written case study analysis, quizzes and group projects.

What can I expect during the Compliance Seminar?

Using a case study/ mock investigation format, students work both individually and in groups to conduct an investigation and present their findings and recommendations to an expert faculty panel or the "board". The seminar exercise is a role-playing simulation designed to illustrate how a compliance officer would be expected to deal with a real-life set of compliance problems.

Other Course-Specific Questions

Do the courses have to be taken sequentially?

Yes, the courses must be taken sequentially – as the learning is built upon as well as the student capstone projects. Ideally students begin and complete the Program with their assigned cohort over the course of twelve months. However, exceptions are made allowing students to join a later cohort if a student is unable to complete one or more of the courses due to extenuating circumstances.

What if I fall behind in the online courses?

The Program is designed for working professionals. We understand that almost everyone in the Program has a full time job and other responsibilities and obligations. Faculty work to provide ample time, including weekends, between availability of materials and assignment due dates. Faculty also strive to be flexible with extensions as appropriate. However, all distance learning coursework must be completed prior to attending the Capstone.

Do I need to purchase books or other materials for the program?

No, textbooks are included in the tuition costs for students beginning Fall 2013. In addition,  all of the materials will be provided through the Pacific University library, as well as in electronic format when available.

About CHC Certification

How does the HCCA Compliance Certification Board exam relate to your program? Is the CCB exam offered at the end of the Compliance Seminar course in Hillsboro, Oregon?

The Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA) maintains a certification program for healthcare compliance professionals through their Compliance Certification Board (CCB) Certification Program. In order to become certified in healthcare compliance, candidates must demonstrate relevant work experience or completion of an accredited university-based program and pass the CHC© exam. The Pacific University Graduate Certificate Program in Healthcare Compliance is one of only a few university programs that the HCCA has accredited.

An individual will qualify to take the CHC© exam as a 'student' if our Program has been successfully completed. By qualifying as a 'student', the professional work experience requirement for the CHC© exam is waived. There are a number of testing centers throughout Oregon and the country where the exam can be taken onsite. Please visit HCCA’s website for more information:

Graduates of the Program who already have their CHC certification, earn 40 CEUs for completing our courses, thus automatically qualifying them for reaccreditation.

What is the difference between the Pacific University Program and training offered through HCCA?

The Pacific University Program is an accredited, university-based academic program. Graduates of the Program receive a Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Compliance from Pacific University with all the benefits and resources that the University bestows on all of its graduates. Offered over the course of twelve months, the Program provides a comprehensive education in the development and implementation of a compliance program, including in-depth exploration of the relevant governing laws and regulations.

The design of the Program features small interactive classes with expert faculty, many of which work daily managing healthcare compliance duties. It provides a unique opportunity for discussion and studies of the day-to-day challenges that confront compliance professionals and solutions. Students receive individualized attention from the faculty, guest speakers, and their peers to help them respond to issues and problems that confront them during the Program and beyond. Finally, the program provides students with a set of valuable compliance tools, developed over the course of the 12-month program.

Is certification a job requirement for compliance positions?

Certification in Healthcare Compliance is not mandated at this time. However, many employers prefer and some require the certification for compliance professional positions. With the mandate of healthcare compliance programs through healthcare reform, there are a growing number of compliance positions available.

Is there one course that focuses on exam preparation or is it covered throughout the program?

Students will build knowledge and skill as they move through the program. Each course is designed to meet the CCB criteria, providing students with knowledge and skill in order to succeed as a compliance professional, and on the certification exam.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Is there financial aid available for this program?

Yes, since the graduate certificate program is 18 credit hours it qualifies for Federal Stafford Loans. Please visit the Pacific University financial aid site for more information.

Transferring Credits

Will the credits earned transfer to other degree programs?

Students who successfully complete the Program are eligible to transfer credits into the Master of Healthcare Administration degree, if admitted to that degree program. Since Pacific University is a fully accredited university, credits earned may also be transferable to other institutions of higher education. The number of credits accepted for transfer would be determined by the policies of receiving institution.

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