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Program Overview

Compliance programs have become an integral and necessary component of every healthcare organization. As the world of healthcare becomes more regulated, the ability to adapt internal processes to adhere to external regulations is vital for a successful compliance program. In this program, students will learn and demonstrate a thorough understanding of many healthcare compliance topics and apply their knowledge through course work and real world settings. The courses are intended to provide a foundation for students to become healthcare compliance professionals, and all curricula will be designed to meet Compliance Certification Board accreditation requirements and prepare students to sit for HCCA certification exams.

Each course will use a variety of teaching modalities (e.g. lectures, class discussion, case study analysis, role playing, web posts, etc.) to enhance the learning experience. Students are expected to complete all required readings, prior to the start of class, as in-class lectures and activities will explore and expand on readings. In addition, students are asked to participate frequently during lectures, class discussions and online activities, to gain a better sense of the collaborative approach compliance programs often take. Throughout the program, students will be required to apply readings, lectures, discussions, personal research, and professional experience to demonstrate competency through assignments, group projects and assessments.

The Healthcare Compliance Graduate Certificate

This program is designed to provide education for healthcare compliance professionals or those who desire to become healthcare compliance professionals. These professionals work in a variety of areas within healthcare systems from patient billing and coding, to risk management and administering research grants.

The certificate program consists of seven courses for a total of 18 credits. It is intended to be a free-standing certificate that will also enable students to enroll in the MHA program and attain the degree by completing an additional 30 credit hours beyond the certificate. A total of 48 credit hours is required to earn the MHA degree.

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