Pacific University Student Health Center Fees*

All Services Are Offered By Appointment-503-352-2269

The Student Health Center does not charge office visit fees.  There are costs for medications, immunizations, physicals, supplies and lab tests. All prices are subject to change.

Insurance information:  For students who have the University student insurance plan, the $150/year deductible is waived for costs incurred at the Student Health Center, immunizations are reimbursable at $100% as are affordable healthcare act preventible services.   Other charges are reimbursable at 80%.  See insurance link for complete information.  For students with private insurance, please contact your insurance company for information on reimbursement for services offered at the health center. The Student Health Center is not staffed to bill insurance but we can give you a statement to submit to the University Insurance plan or your private insurance.

Birth Control and Emergency Contraception

Physical Exams:

Lab Tests: Simple lab tests are done in the clinic. If other lab testing is indicated, the Nurse Practitioner will give you a lab order form for you to take to Tuality Forest Grove or Tuality Hillsboro Hospital lab. The hospital lab can bill your insurance for covered tests. The Health Center performs the following tests in the clinic:


*All prices subject to change