Tuition Remission and Exchange


Brief overviews of the programs are listed below:

Tuition Remission
Tuition Exchange
  • For those interested in attending Pacific for academic purposes;
  • Available to full-time Staff and Faculty and their children, spouses, and registered domestic partners, after one year or continuous employment;
  • Full or Part-time undergraduate academic enrollment;
  • Only covers tuition charges. Course fees, insurance, private lessons, etc., are not included;


Institutional Benefits: Tuition Remission

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  • For those interested in receiving scholarships at institutions other than Pacific;
  • Available to dependent children of regular, benefit eligible Faculty and Staff after one year of continuous employment;
  • Does not guarantee that the scholarship will be accepted;
  • For more information on Tuition Exchange and participating institutions, visit



Quick Link to the forms that Pacific requires for Tuition Remission and Exchange enrollment.


For any questions regarding the Tuition Remission and Exchange programs, please contact Human Resources at