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Institutional Benefits

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Institutional Policies

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Mandatory Benefits

I.1 Workers Compensation

I.2 Workers Compensation- ReportingResponsibilities

I.3 FICA (Social Security)

I.4 COBRA (The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation)

I.5 Unemployment Insurance


Medical and Other Insurance Coverage

I.6 Medical and Dental Insurance

I.7 Waive Coverage Option

I.8 Post Retirement Medical Benefit

I.9 Life Insurance

I.10 Short Term Disability

I.11 Long Term Disability

I.12 Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

I.13 Section 125 Plan (Flexible Spending Plan)

I.14 Employee Assistance Program

I.15 Liability and Travel and Accident Insurance

I.16 Retirement Plan

I.17 Supplemental Retirement Accounts


Other Institutional Programs

I.18 Tuition Programs

I.19 Tuition Remission

I.20 Tuition Exchanges

I.21 Recreational Clubs

I.22 Leave for Victims of Domestic Violence

I.23 Military Leave


University Health Services

I.24 Physical Therapy

I.25 School of Professional Psychology

I.26 Family Vision Centers

I.27 Equal Opportunity

I.28 Disability Policy

I.29 Alcohol and Drug Policy

I.30 Harassment Including Sexual Harassment

I.31 Compliant Resolution Procedure/Staff

I.32 Smoke Free Workplace Policy

I.33 Conflict of Interest

I.34 Employment of Relatives

I.35 Business Conduct Policy

I.36 Immigration Certification I-9

I.37 Solicitation and Distribution Rule

I.38 Emergency Closures

I.39 Emergency Response System

I.40 Responsibility for Personal Property

I.41 University Equipment

I.42 Change of Information

I.43 Keys

I.44 Theft and Damage

I.45 Animal Control

I.46 Identification Cards

I.47 Use of University Vehicles

I.48 Parking

I.49 Office Space and Furnishings

I.50 Policy for Nursing Mothers

I.51 Personnel Records

I.52 Firearms/Weapons Policy

I.53 Workplace Violence

I.54 Employment Verification

I.55 Political Campaign Activity

I.56 Consensual Relationship Policy