Human Resources  | Staff Handbook

The Staff Handbook is comprised of two sections:

Section A: Staff Policies and Procedures

Section B: Staff Benefits

Staff Handbook: Section A full text

A.1 Hours of Work

A.2 Lunch Periods

A.3 Rest Periods

A.4 Overtime Pay

A.5 Alternative/Flexible Work Schedules

A.6 Work at Home

A.7 Reporting Absence from Work

A.8 Tardiness

A.9 Personal Time

A.10 Full-Time Employees

A.11 Part-Time Employees

A.12 Occasional Employees

A.13 Temporary Employees

A.14 On-Call Employees

A.15 Student Employees

A.16 Volunteers

A.17 Exempt Staff

A.18 Non-Exempt Staff

A.19 Administrative with Academic Rank

A.20 Pay Period for Exempt

A.21 Pay Periods for Non Exempt

A.22 Payroll Advances

A.23 Employee Compensatory Time

A.24 Job Classifications

A.25 Reclassifications

A.26 Orientation Period

A.27 Break in Service

A.28 Guidelines for Recruitment and

Selection of Employees



A.29 Recruitment

A.30 Position Announcement/Advertising

A.31 Applications/Resumes

A.32 Selections

A.33 Pre-Employment Screening

A.34 Orientation Period Evaluation

A.35 Pacific Performance Management and


A.36 Employment and Will

A.37 Corrective Action

A.38 Voluntary Termination of Employment

A.39 Involuntary Termination of Employment

A.40 Reduction in Force

A.41 Retirement

A.42 Exit Interviews

Staff Handbook: Section B full text

B.1 Vacations

B.2 Holidays

B.3 Floating Holidays

B.4 Casual Days


B.5 Sick Leave

B.6 Staff Shared Vacation Leave Program

B.7 Family Medical Leave

B.8 Compassionate Leave

B.9 Jury Duty/Court Appearances

B.10 Personal Leave

B.11 Professional Development Leave Policy