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Summary of Service

A benefit for You and Your Family Members provided by Pacific University

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a free and confidential benefit that can assist you and your eligible family members with any personal problems, large or small. For example, you can receive assistance with concerns such as:


Alcohol & Drug Abuse

Conflict at Work

Depression & Anxiety

Family Relationships

Financial, Legal & Consumer Concerns

Grieving & Loss


Marital Conflict

Personal Decision Making

Referrals or Community Resources

Stress Management


Resources provided through the EAP are:


Up to three (3) sessions per incident, per client, per year for problem identification, assessment, the establishment of outcome goals, recommendations, priorities and actions needed to reach goals.

"The Line"

Our anonymous information line is available to employees and dependents seeking information about general mental health and EAP services. Call 1-800-433-2320 and ask for the information line M-F, 8am-5pm.


A live, online virtual session with an EAP Consultant designed to answer questions, assist with problem resolution, and provide advice customized to your situation. For additional information, or to set up a session, please visit www.cascadecenter.com/esupport.

Crisis Counseling

Available on a 24 hour 7 day a week basis


Cascade will help locate resources and information nationwide related to:

  Eldercare-Finding solutions for the aging needs of our loved ones

  Childcare-Infant to College-age information and resources for childcare, education,   

  parenting and adoption

  Identity Theft-Employees and family members receive unlimited phone consultation  

  for ID recovery, support, and prevention techniques. Services include guidance 

  immediately after discovery of the ID theft, access to financial advisors or attorneys,

  guidance on how to minimize risk such as what to do today, how to maintain  

  vigilance, and how to protect yourself on the web

  Concierge Services-Cascade offers information and resource services for today's

  busy people. We will research and locate resources for people and provide that

  information within two business days of the call. Whether it is the season playbill at

  a local Shakespeare Festival or dog obedience training we will find those resources  

  for our clients.

Legal/Financial Consultations

Consultations for a variety of legal and financial matters with a licensed professional. Discounted rates are available for services that exceed limits.

Home Ownership Program

If you are looking to buy, sell, refinance, or invest in a home, take advantage of the Home Ownership Program. This program offers a network of pre-screened service providers that offer free, no obligation consultations. Also available are pre-negotiated discounts with all of these providers. Using this program, you can save substantial time and money. For your free consultation or more information about the Home Ownership Program, call 1-866-505-3244.

Cascade Personal Wellness

Unlimited access to wellness coaches for assistance in making life style changes for areas such as: weight management, fitness, smoking cessation, and chronic conditions.

To Access:

  1) Go to www.wellcall.com

  2) Click on Members

  3) Register as a new user

  4) Use company password: Pacific University

"Cascade Personal Advantage"

Interactive Website Innovative, online, educational tools: Kick a habit, take self assessments, compare child and elder care services, watch informative video clips, and more.

To Access:

  1) Go to www.cascadecenter.com

  2) Click Cascade Personal Advantage

  3) Register as a new user

  4) Use company password: Pacific University

The Listening Library

The listening Library is a series of recorded informational messages covering a variety of topics that affect our lives. You can reach this number by dialing 1-800-257-6291 or from the Portland Metro Area: 503-620-3749.














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