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Pacific University recognizes the value of providing opportunities to help all our employees balance the commitments of personal, work and community commitments.

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Boxer Boot Camp 2014 sign up is here!

This very popular program is a great way to get in shape, so if you are interested in getting in shape in 2013, check out the Boxer Bootcamp webpage before Feb 12, 2014.



More than five-a-day 'no effect'New research backs the five-a-day target for fruit and vegetables, but suggests eating more may have no added benefits.

Middle-aged drinking 'impairs memory'Problem drinking in middle age doubles the risk of memory loss in later life, research suggests.

Ebola virus threatens UK - HammondThe Ebola virus, which has killed more than 670 people in West Africa, poses a threat to the UK, Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond warns.

Child malaria vaccine 'milestone'Scientists say the world's first malaria vaccine provides children with continuing protection against the disease and may be in use by 2015.

Deal on US college sport concussionsThe US collegiate sport authority offers to settle 10 lawsuits by former athletes who suffered concussions with a $70m (£41.3m) medical fund.

'Brain hub predicts negative events'Scientists have identified a part of the brain that may help us predict when things are about to go wrong and could play a part in depression.

Fist bumps 'cleaner than handshakes'Scientists at Aberystwyth University in Wales have shown that more bacteria are transferred by shaking hands, than by fist-bumping or high-fiving.

Sierra Leone Ebola escapee diesA Sierra Leone woman who fled hospital after testing positive for the Ebola virus has died after turning herself in, health officials tell the BBC.

'New virus' discovered in human gutScientists say they have stumbled upon a common virus that has never been described before.

Six seconds 'can transform health'Short six-second bursts of vigorous exercise have the potential to transform the health of elderly people, say researchers.

US manhunt for tuberculosis patientAuthorities in California search for a fugitive homeless man who has refused treatment for tuberculosis and may be contagious.

'Nerve centre for appetite control'Scientists have found a key cluster of nerve cells that can stop food consumption, according to research in mice.

Early risers 'less moral at night'"Morning people", who are more alert early in the day, are more likely to cheat and behave unethically in the night hours, researchers claim.

Should we pay a monthly membership fee to the NHS?Should we pay to be members of the NHS?

'Most dangerous day of their life'The first is the most dangerous of life

VIDEO: Yoga all at seaSUP yoga, or stand up paddleboard yoga, involves most of the moves of normal yoga, but is done on a paddleboard in the water.

VIDEO: Water ATMs bring clean water to DelhiThe authorities is Delhi are piloting water dispensing machines to bring clean water to residents.

AUDIO: Shift work 'increases diabetes risk'IOSH's Jane White and London Business School's Lynda Gratton discuss new research suggesting Type 2 diabetes is more common in people who work shifts.

VIDEO: Clue to antibiotic resistance spreadScientists trying to understand the rise of antibiotic resistance believe pilgrimages could provide clues to the mechanisms behind its spread.

VIDEO: Healthy start for newbornsA new study shows that newborn babies can reap the health benefits of a delay in cutting their umbilical cord - whilst they're safe in their mothers' arms.

VIDEO: The six-year hair pulling selfieDocumenting hair pulling condition on YouTube

VIDEO: Cholera outbreak in South SudanA cholera outbreak has spread to nine out of 10 states in South Sudan.

Saving lives on the Ebola front lineLife on the Ebola front line

Sun 'can harm sight as well as skin'How the sun can damage sight as well as skin

China activists fight gay 'conversion therapy'The Chinese doctors who say they can 'cure' homosexuality

Preventing injury and illness in athletesPreventing injury and illness in athletes

CAR: Fighting spreads like infectionTrying to save CAR, where fighting spreads like an infection

In pictures: One man's HIV campaignOne man's HIV campaign in Indonesia's Bandung prison

Illegal bottom injections on rise in USThe deadly danger of illegal backstreet buttock injections

A life-saving cure with an $84,000 price tagHigh cost of hepatitis C cure sparks outrage

VIDEO: Heroin antidote offers cities hopeThe heroin 'antidote' that can save overdosing addicts' lives