ESL Bridge Program



What is the ESL Bridge Program?

The ESL Bridge Program is for students who want to enter a 4-year degree program at Pacific University after the ESL program. It is a special program that helps students easily move from all ESL classes to undergraduate classes. Student who do this are ELI Transition students. The ESL Bridge Program lets ELI Transition students take freshman classes, for Pacific University credit, while taking advanced ESL classes. This program prepares students to succeed in the undergraduate program at Pacific University.


Who Can Join the ESL Bridge Program?

Students who score TOEFL iBT 53 (cBT 152, paper TOEFL 475) or more, can be an ELI Transition student and enter the ESL Bridge Program.

The ESL Bridge Program classes include three levels:

How do students finish the ESL Bridge Program?

When ELI Transition students have a TOEFL score of iBT 79 (cBT 213, paper TOEFL 550), they can leave the ESL Bridge Program and take undergraduate classes full-time.

ELI Transition students can get up to 20 Pacific University credits in the ESL Bridge Program. These credits can be used toward graduation at Pacific University.