English Language Institute


The ELI is a team of people who want students to succeed. They are also contributing to all things international at Pacific University. Read more about the ELI team:


Scot has been teaching ESL, composition, and technical writing for almost 20 years. He has lived and taught in Turkey, China, and Norway and has traveled in Europe and Asia.


Monique has been teaching at the ELI since 1998. She has more than 20 years of ESL teaching experience, a bachelor's degree in Spanish, and a master's degree in Bilingual / Multicultural Education. In addition to teaching in the United States, Monique has taught in Mexico and Spain.


Kelsey has been teaching ESL since 2006.  She has studied or taught in several countries including Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador, Chile, Czech Republic, South Korea, Japan, and Spain.  She received a bachelor's degree in Bilingual Education, International Studies, & Spanish from Eastern Oregon University in LaGrande plus a master's degree in TESL from Concordia in Portland.  Kelsey loves connecting with people from all over the world, inside and outside of the classroom.


Marie has been teaching ESL/EFL for over 20 years at various language schools and universities around the world, including Japan, the United States, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). As a result of her diverse teaching experiences, she has cultivated a deep respect for students from various cultures as well as a knowledge of diverse, fun, and creative ways of classroom language instruction. She received her B.A. in Political Science/International Relations from UC Santa Barbara and her Master's in TESL/TEFL from the School for International Training in Vermont.


Kevin has been teaching Speech Communication classes since 1997 and ESL since 2003. He has been teaching for 16 years with more than 10 years of ESL and language teaching experience. He has taught at various colleges and universities in the state of Oregon and at the high school level in the country of Japan. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication from Oregon State University and a Masters of Teaching English as a Second Language in the Applied Linguistics Department at Portland State University. His passion is intercultural communication and health/patient issues which he researches at Oregon Health and Sciences University in Portland, Oregon.


Rachel has been working with ESL students since 2006.  After finishing her bachelor's in Linguistics at the University of Oregon, she taught English in South Korea.  She enjoyed this experience immensely, and after returning to the U.S., she earned a master's of Education in ESL to pursue a career in the field.  


Lauren is the person that can help you with general questions when you come into the International Programs/ELI offices. She has a master’s degree in International Management, and has studied and traveled throughout Europe and Asia. If you have free time to stop by and chat, she would love to hear about your experiences.