Immigration FAQs

Prospective & New Students

Q: How can I get my student visa?
A: Please click here for a detailed summary of the student visa application process.

Q: Where is the Office of International Programs?
A: Our office is located at the corner of University Ave. & Main St. in Forest Grove.

Q: I am a Canadian student. Do I need a student visa?
A: In terms of immigration regulations, the only difference between Canadians and other international students coming to the United States is that Canadian citizens can enter with just their passport and I-20 certificate of eligibility. Please click here for more information.

Q: Can members of my family work in the U.S.?
A: It depends on their immigration status. F-2 dependents are strictly prohibited from engaging in any form of employment in the United States. J-2 dependents can apply for employment authorization to the USCIS for a period of one year (renewable for one year periods).

Q: Who should I contact with questions?
A: If you are a prospective or newly-admitted student, please contact John Harn at:

Current & Returning Students

If you are a current student, contact International Student Advisor Megan Serenco at for assistance with questions about:

Q: I have heard about a "green card lottery." Can you tell me more about that?
A: The U.S. government holds an annual lottery where it distributes 50,000 visas to applicants around the world in order to encourage diversity. Applicants are selected randomly, and there is never a fee to participate in the lottery.

Recently, Pacific students have been charged applicant fees to participate in this lottery process by dishonest businesses. Please keep the following points in mind: