Coed Indoor Soccer

Rules and Procedures


*NEW RULE:  To eliminate the need for a full time player in the goalie box, we are adding the following rule.  A goal may not be scored on a direct kick from beyond the half court line.  It must first be touched by another player of either team before it will count as a goal.

Roster Rules:

Game Clock and Timeouts:

Common Infractions:

       Offsides will be called when the ball is played from the defense half of the gym to the offensive half and there is not a defender between the player receiving the ball and the defenders goal.

      There are absolutely no slide tackles and will result in a penalty shot.  A penalty shot is taken from the penalty line in front of the goal with only one defensive player allowed between the shot taker and the goal.

Court Boundaries:

      The court will be one half of the Field House as divided by the center curtain.  The ball will continue in play with the following exceptions.

1.  A ball that goes beyond the curtain into the other half of the gym will be out of bounds.  The official will determine which team played the ball out of bounds and the other team will inbound the ball from the open end of the curtain that is nearest to the point the ball went out of bound. 

2.  There is no out of bounds sideline or endline.  The ball stays in play off the wall.

3.  If the ball goes into the equipment areas along the side walls and does not come back on its own, it is out of bounds and play will be stopped.  Players may not pursue the ball into the designated equipment area to play the ball.  If a player attempts to do so, the official will automatically award the ball to the other team.      

4.   There will be no corner kicks.  All out of bounds balls will be put into play with a kick-in from the designated side line.  the kick-in must be made directly to a team member and may not be kicked towards the goal.

6.  Any out of bounds ball, where the official cannot determine who touched the ball, will be played at court center with a live drop by the official.


  There will free substitutions any time the ball is in your defensive end.  The player leaving the court will go to his/her team bench and leave the court before the sub may enter the court.