Intramural Tennis

Intramural Sports is starting a new program for tennis enthusiasts or aspiring tennis players.  See below for how to participate. 


New Intramural Tennis program

When:  Starting on Sunday, Sept. 22nd; every Sunday, from 1:30pm to 4:30pm thru November 17th. 

Where:  Holce Tennis Courts  (three covered courts will be reserved for IM Tennis)

Who:  All tennis enthusiasts of any level.  (If you have never played before, but

         want to start, you are welcome)

What: The IM Tennis Supervisor on site will attempt to arrange a match for you

          with a player of comparable ability.  (Tennis team players will be on staff to

          provide competition, partners and basic instruction)

How:  Scroll down below to the registration link and sign up to play.

          Note: The registration link is designed for team sign ups.  You will have to fill           necessary fields with your name in order to register as an individual. 

         E.g.  Team Name, Rep. Name and Alt. Rep name can all be your name.  Please

         also indicate your level as recreational or competitive and your gender.


            Or, just e-mail Your contact info will be entered

            in the database for future announcements. 

            Please include, Name, Level of play, and gender in the e-mail.


            Or, you can come any time between 1:30pm and 4:30pm, to just drop in to


Some racquets will be available for use, but to be sure, you might want to check out a racquet at the Intramural Office window in the Stoller Center, which opens at 1:00pm. Tennis balls will be provided.


IM Tennis Ladder:  This is available as well, but has not been used enough to be an affective ladder.  When more participants begin playing through the Open IM Competition above, the ladder system will become more useful.



General Ladder Information: 

LADDER ADMINISTRATION:  The ladder is open now for Registration.  See the Registration Link information below for how to sign up.  As entries come in they will be posted on the Ladder Schedule/Results link below.

           1. Women’s and men’s singles.

           2. Mixed doubles.

           3. Men’s and women’s doubles.

Links to Schedules, Results and Procedures

Application Process

When signing up for the Tennis Ladder with the On-Line Registration Link:

In place of  "Team Name" you should put the Ladder that you want, i.e. "Singles" or "Doubles" or "Mixed Doubles."

 For “TYPE” select the gender choice: male, female or coed.

For “LEVEL” select competitive or recreational.

For Team Rep:  Your Name

For Alternative Rep: Your Doubles Partner’s Name or NA if Singles

Then again your name and ID number with doubles partner info if relevant.