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Database Format
ABI/INFORM Complete (Info) FT | C/A
Abstracts of English Studies (print) (Info) C/A | Print
Academic OneFile (Info) FT | C/A
Academic Search Premier (Info) FT | C/A
Academic Video Online Premium (Trial ends Nov. 23) (Info) FT
AccessMedicine (E-book) (Info) FT
AccessPharmacy (includes E-book) (Info) FT
AccessScience (E-book) (Info) FT
Accounting & Tax Periodicals (Info) FT | C/A
ACLS Humanities Collection (E-book) (Info) FT
ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) Digital Librarys. Citations only. (Info) C/A
ACP Journal Club (Evidence-Based Medicine Reviews) (Info) FT
ACS (American Chemical Society) Journals (Info) FT
ACS Style Guide, 3rd ed. (E-book) (Info) FT
AgeLib Digital Library (free site) (Info) C/A
AgeLine (Info) FT | C/A
AGRICOLA (free site) (Info) FT | C/A
Agriculture Collection (Info) FT | C/A
AHFS Consumer Medication Information (Info) FT
Alt HealthWatch (Info) FT | C/A
AMA Manual of Style *Please LOGOUT* (E-book) (Info) FT
America's Historical Newspapers (Info) FT
America: History and Life (Info) FT | C/A
American Doctoral Dissertations, 1933-1955 (Info) FT
Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature (Info) C/A
Annual Review of Anthropology (Info) FT
Annual Review of Clinical Psychology (Info) FT
Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior (Info) FT
Annual Review of Political Science (Info) FT
Annual Review of Psychology (Info) FT
Annual Review of Sociology (Info) FT
Annual Reviews (Biomedical, Physical, and Social Sciences) (Info) FT | C/A
Anthropology Plus (Info) FT
APA Collections (E-book) (Info) FT
Applied Social Science Index & Abstracts (ASSIA) (Info) C/A
Aqualine (Info) FT | C/A
Aquatic Science & Fisheries Abstracts (ASFA) (Info) FT | C/A
Architecture Commons (Info) FT
ArchiveGrid (Info) C/A
Art Index (print) (Info) C/A | Print
ArticleFirst (Info) C/A
Arts and Humanities Commons (Info) FT
arXiv (free site) (Info) FT | C/A
ASHP eBooks Library (E-book) (Info) FT
AskART (free site) (Info) C/A
Bacteriology Abstracts (Microbiology B) (Info) FT | C/A
Banking Information Science (Info) FT | C/A
Bibliographic Index (print) (Info) C/A | Print
Bibliography of the History of Art (free site) (Info) C/A