Environmental Fate Database (free site)

This is a free database provided as a courtesy by the Pacific University Library, which cannot guarantee access or content.

Free public access to the databases is supported by the Environmental Protection Agency and Procter & Gamble.

Envronmental Fate Database identifies or provides all of the information necessary for assessing human or environmental exposure to chemicals from occupational and consumer use, environmental contamination, and food consumption.

EFDB is comprised of several interrelated files--DATALOG, BIOLOG, CHEMFATE and BIODEG--and was developed under the sponsorship of the EPA to

  • allow rapid access to available environmental fate data on given chemicals
  • identify critical gaps in the available information to facilitate planning of research needs and to
  • provide a data source for constructing structure-activity correlations for degradability and transport of chemicals in the environment.
Syracuse Research Corporation Environmental Science
Syracuse Research Corporation Environmental Science