Ophthalmic Drug Facts (E-book)

Ophthalmic Drug Facts provides reliable and objective ophthalmic drug information and facilitates therapeutic decision-making.

Its features include a definitive single source of objective, up-to-date drug information that provides comprehensive coverage of every therapeutic class of ophthalmic drugs; complete information in a concise format, making it the ideal source for busy practitioners who require drug information to treat patients effectively and efficiently; comparative ophthalmic drug information, including many tables comparing medications; and it provides detailed information on many drug combinations as well as individual substances.

Organized by therapeutic categories, detailed monographs include actions, interactions, adverse reactions, contraindications, dosages, off-label uses, patient information, pharmacologic and pharmacokinetic information, commercial product information, and specific formulation availability.  It also lists off-labeled uses for FDA-approved drugs. 

Updated annually, though information is always current.

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