AskART (free site)

This is a free database provided as a courtesy by the Pacific University Library.

AskART provides information on more than 52,000 North American artists.  The summary page for each artist links to digital images, biographies, the artist's books and articles published within the last 20 years, museum holdings, artwork for sale, art dealers, as well as auction/sales information and citations regarding the artist's information.  

AskArt provides access by citation or full-text to 11,000 books, periodicals, and exhibition records. There is artist cross-reference information available for over 2,500 U.S. museums and a listing of over 2,500 active dealers and galleries in the United States.  A glossary of artistic terms, a list of professional associations, and a gallery directory is also accessible.

Although most of AskART is free, there is a charge to use the auction, image, and dealer information.

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