Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials (Evidence-Based Medicine Reviews)

Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials contains over 300,000 bibliographic references to controlled trials in health care.  Cochrane groups and other organizations contribute their specialized registers, this including trials identified in MEDLINE and EMBASE. Contributors to the Cochrane Collaboration follow quality control standards to ensure that only reports of definite randomized controlled trials or controlled clinical trials are included.

Although many reports of trials are included in MEDLINE, others are not easily identified as randomized controlled trials; and as such, researchers may overlook them in the search for relevant studies for systematic reviews.

CCTR records are identified through a combination of handsearching and database searching that include all those indexed as controlled trials in MEDLINE. Studies have shown that a MEDLINE search alone cannot be relied upon to identify all possible reports of controlled trials and suggest that a combination of handsearching and MEDLINE searching is most effective. This dual approach is the current practice of the Cochrane Collaboration, assuring you of the definitive quality of the CCTR database.

Cochrane Center Register of Controlled Trials is part of the Evidence Based Medicine Reviews Multifile. This is a bibliographic database of definitive controlled trials. These controlled trials have been identified by the distinguished contributors to the Cochrane Collaboration. They and others, as part of an international effort to search the world's healthcare journals (and other sources of information) systematically, have combined results to create an unbiased source of data for systematic reviews. Because it has been shown that existing bibliographic databases are inadequate for the identification of all relevant studies, the Cochrane Collaboration embarked upon this formidable task in co-operation with the National Library of Medicine (NLM) in Washington, DC (USA) who produce MEDLINE, and Reed Elsevier of Amsterdam (the Netherlands), who produce EMBASE.


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