Global Road Warrior (country and travel information)

The Global Road Warrior covers 175 countries. Each country listing includes:

  • Key facts – The people, economy, work week, holidays, money, foreign exchange, visas, climate, passports, immunization, entry and departure, emergencies, internal travel information, country map, plus extensive information on business centers, airports and hotel accommodations.
  • Communications  – Details on all aspects of telecommunications: country codes, city codes, calling from outside the country, making local and long-distance calls, illustrations of phone jacks (for modem use), photos of public phones with instructions for use, using and renting cell phones, call-back services, fax services, postal services, accessing the Internet, local access numbers for AOL, Compuserve, and other US ISPs, plus local ISPs. Also, local electrical requirements, including illustrations of electrical plugs.
  • Service support while on the road – Names, addresses, and telephone numbers of local copy shops, printers, computer stores, translation services and courier services in 225 cities worldwide.
  • Technical support – Local technical support telephone numbers for key hardware and software vendors, as well as customer support URLs.
  • Business culture insights – Cultural “crib sheet” on greetings and courtesies, decision-making, business meetings, women in business, and local view of contracts, business attire and socializing.
Plus…Forty-four survival terms in each local language, top 150 travel web sites, regional maps, international dialing guide, mobile connectivity problems and solutions, currencies of the world and more. 

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