Migrating Quizzes and Tests from Blackboard to Moodle using Respondus (PC Only)

Overview :

To transfer a quiz from Blackboard to Moodle, you must use the program Respondus. You will first need to download the quiz from Blackboard using Respondus. Next, you will use Respondus to translate the quiz into a Moodle friendly-format and then upload it to a Moodle course site. Below are the step-by-step instructions on how to easily complete this task.

Please Note: Some question-types are not transferrable from Blackboard to Moodle. Namely, “Fill in the Blank” questions, “Jumbled Sentence” questions, and “Combination” questions will not transfer.


Step One:

1. Open the program Respondus and start in the personality entitled WebCT 6-8/Vista 4-8.


2. Once in Vista mode, go to Retrieval & Reports and select Retrieve Questions.



3. Add a server for Blackboard. To do this select Add New Server under the drop-down menu WebCT Server, and then choose to enter the settings manually. Follow the instructions on the pop-up window. (You will only have to do this once, after that you can choose to keep the same settings. In the future when performing this task, you will just need to select the Server you named and continue in the previously set settings).

For further instructions on how to add a new server on Respondus, click here.


4. Fill out the information it asks for on the Retrieve Questions page and then select Retrieve.


5. Once you have retrieved the quiz file, go back to the Start page and choose Open a Respondus File.

6. In the pop-up menu, select the file you just retrieved, and click Open.


7. The file is now on Respondus. You may make changes in the Edit section if you would like, or you can transfer it straight to Moodle. You can also make changes after changing the file into Moodle. After making any desired changes, go back to the start menu.


Step Two:

8. Change the personality to Moodle and click ok when the pop-up tells you the file was not created in Moodle. You may choose to keep the Blackboard File and rename your new file, or to replace the current one. Again, now that your file is in Moodle mode you may make changes if desired.


9. Once your file is ready to be uploaded to Moodle, go to Preview and Publish.


10. At this point, you can preview the file if you would like to. When you are ready to publish the file, go to Publish to Moodle and then click Publish Wizard.


11. You will have to fill out information to add a Moodle server as well, but again you will only have to do this the first time you use it. To do this, select add a server and choose to enter the server settings manually. Enter all of the information like you did before, this time using your Moodle account instead of your Blackboard account.

Again, if you need further instruction on how to add a server,click here.


12. Enter the remaining information about the quiz you are uploading.


13. Click finish, and you are done. Your file should now be on Moodle, located in the section where you placed it. You can make changes to your quizzes on Moodle once they are uploaded.