Adding a New Server on Respondus


In order to transfer quizzes from Blackboard to Moodle, you must use the program Respondus. When transferring your quizzes, Respondus requires you to add a server for both Blackboard and Moodle. This step-by-step guide will teach you how to add a server for Blackboard. In order to create a server for Moodle, you will go through the same process, but with your Moodle information. Once you have added these servers, they will remain on Respondus. After adding them once, you will not have to add them again, you will just need to select the server from the drop down menu.

1. Go to Retrieval and Reports.


2. Select Retrieve Questions.              


3. Go to the drop-down menu entitled Web CT Server and choose Add New Server.



4. When you choose Add New Server, a new window will open. Choose to enter the server settings manually.


5. In the first open box, you will copy and paste the URL of the website you are transferring to Moodle. It should look something like


6. For step three, you will press extract and a new URL should be automatically entered into the box. The URL should say


7. Next, you will click on Institutions. Choose Pacific University from the drop-down menu.


8. For step five, you will need to enter this information yourself. Under Description, title your new server. Under username, type your username, and under password, type your password.


9. Click ok, and your server has been created. When you log in in the future, you will just need to select the server you just created and continue with the same settings.


10. When you are back on the Retrieve Reports screen, choose all of the options that you wish in the drop-down menus and then click Retrieve.