Setting up a Forum

There is a number of options for facilitating and managing class discussions in Moodle. No matter what type of discussion you choose for your class, creating one starts at the same place.

1. Click on the Turn editing on button at the upper right hand corner of the page.

2. Choose Forum from the Add an Activity or Resource menu in the block where you want to add the forum and click add.

3. Enter the title of the forum in the Forum name box and write instructions for how you want students to use forum in the Description box.

4. Select the type of forum from the Forum Type menu:

5. Under Subscription Mode select how and if you want students to automatically receive emails of posts to forums:

6. Forums may also be used as graded assignments. In order to add grades to posts, in the Ratings section choose an Aggregate Type and a Grade Scale. Once a student makes a post to the forum, a drop down menu will appear on the post making it easy to assign a grade when you read it.

7. Click Save and return to course when you are done editing settings.