Moodle: Beginning of Semester Checklist

  1. Request your Moodle sites for the current semester

You can find the site request form in your myAccount. Once you have made your requests, if may take up to five minutes for your sites to appear in Moodle.

  1. Check whether your students were added to the sites

To check to see whether your students were added:

If not all of your students are enrolled, contact the UIS help desk ( to make sure your site has been set up properly.

  1. Add any additional instructors, TAs, or other users who may need access to your site

To add users to a site,

For complete instructions on how to enroll users, see our help page on adding users.  You can find the page here: Enrolling Users.

  1. Make sure your site is not hidden (and therefore available to enrolled students)

To check to see whether your site is available

  1. If you are using the weekly layout, make sure that the weeks have the appropriate start dates

To set the week dates...

For more information on setting up weeks and topics, see our page:Setting up the Layout of your Moodle Site

  1. You may want to contact your students and let them know that they can access course resources via Moodle course management system

You can use the News Forum in your Moodle site to send an e-mail announcement to all of your students. For instructions on using the news forum see our page: Adding an Announcement

For more information on how students access their Moodle sites, see: Accessing Your Moodle Course

  1. Be sure to stop by a Moodle Workshop to review Moodle functions and learn some new skills. 

For a complete list of our workshops, see:Workshops and Lectures

Questions or Comments

Any questions comments or concerns should be directed to the Center for Educational Technology and Curricular Innovation (