Previously Offered Workshops

The Center for Educational Technology and Curricular Innovation offers free workshops to the Pacific Community on a wide variety of topics concerning teaching with technology.  Below is a list of the workshops held since June 2011.  Please contact Al Weiss ( if you would like further information on any of these topics or if you would like to arrange to have one of these workshops presented for your department or unit. 


Moodle Workshops

Introduction to Moodle

At this hands-on workshop, you will be provided with an overview of Moodle and its capabilities including how to complete tasks such as, posting announcements, uploading files, and setting up discussion forums. We will also preview of some of the new quizzing and assignment features and discuss how they might be integrated into your teaching. Throughout the workshop, we will compare Moodle to Blackboard and offer tips and suggestions on ways to make the transition to the new system easier for you and your students.

Using Online Discussions and Writing Assignments in Moodle

When used effectively, online discussions and writing assignments not only improve students' overall learning, but they can improve students' in-class performance as well. At this hands-on workshop we will explore strategies in which online discussion and writing assignments can be integrated into a course to help students prepare for and engage with in-class discussions, lectures, and collaborative activities. In addition to teaching strategies, we will also go over the Moodle tools that make managing online discussions and writing easy.

Online Quizzes and Tests in Moodle

Moodle’s online quizzing and testing tools not only provide a means for faculty to assess their students mastery of course materials, they also offer a number of functions to help students analyze and engage with the subject matter. In this hands-on workshop, we will explore how you can use Moodle’s assessment tools to create various quiz and test activities that match the educational goals of your courses.

Moodle Surveys and Polls

Moodle offers several tools that allow you to survey and poll your students. At this hands-on workshop, we’ll go over the different survey and polling tools in Moodle and discuss some strategies for deploying them successfully in your classes.

Moodle Grade Book Workshop

Even for complicated grading schemes, the Moodle grade book can be quickly and easily configured to calculate your students final grades, provide them with running totals, and even automatically assign them a letter grade at the end of the semester. At this hands-on workshop, you will learn how you can use Moodle's grade book to organize and calculate all of your course grades as well as how to release the grades to your students.

Google Apps Workshops

Introduction to Google Apps for Education

Google Apps for Education allows faculty and students to access popular Google applications, such as Google Docs, Blogger, and YouTube with their Pacific University accounts.  Because these services are connected to University accounts, faculty and students can easily use Google Apps to share materials and collaborate online with other members of the Pacific community.  At this workshop, you will be provided with an overview of the Google applications Pacific has access to, an introduction on how to use these applications to collaborate with your students and peers, and a review of some of the many educational uses that these tools support.

Teaching Practices and Classroom Technologies Workshops

Rethinking PowerPoint Slide Design: Strategies for Slide Design that Improve Student Understanding and Engagement.

Research into slide-design suggests that a well-made PowerPoint can not only improve the way students understand what is on the screen, but will also help them gain a better critical understanding of the material being presented. At this workshop, we will look at some of the reasons why common slide designs are not only ineffective, but may actually hinder learning. We will then go over some straightforward strategies for designing more effective presentations that will improve classroom learning.

Beyond PowerPoint: Making Classroom Presentations Engaging and Interactive
Classroom presentations don't have to be a simple linear procession of one PowerPoint slide after the other. New presentation technologies and interactive web-based tools along with emerging rhetorical strategies open up a host of opportunities to use classroom projectors and screens as a vital and interactive component of the classroom. Through looking at examples of effective digital rhetorical strategies, innovative presentation designs, and investigating new web-based presentation software, we'll discuss ways in which classroom presentations offer opportunities to increase student participation, interaction, and engagement with the course material and each other.

Is it Time to Flip Your Classroom? Teaching Tips & Technology Tools for You

Have you ever wished that you had more class time to help your students understand difficult concepts? Or, have you ever wished that you had sufficient time to provide an interesting and engaging activity in your class? We can help! At this hands-on workshop, we'll go over some simple technologies and methods that you can use to move lecture materials online to free up your face-to-face class time. We'll also discuss some easy strategies that you can use in the classroom in place of lecturing to help your students better understand your course material and to apply key concepts.


Blackboard Workshops

Brush-up Your Blackboard

Do you want to brush up on your Blackboard skills before the beginning of the semester? In this hands-on workshop, we'll go over the ins and outs of setting up a basic Blackboard course site, including uploading and managing files, customizing your home page, and working with the discussion boards and assignments tools. We'll also discuss effective strategies for designing your course and teaching with the tools.

Blackboard Grade Book Workshop

Did you know that Blackboard can calculate the final grade for your students and automatically assign a letter grade for them? At this workshop we’ll focus on end-of-semester grade book functions including final grade calculations, setting up letter grades, displaying grades to students, and uploading and downloading grades to a spreadsheet. This is a great opportunity to prepare for your end-of-semester grading or to get help with setting up your final grade calculations.