Going Further: Workshops, Institutes and More


Seminars, intensive workshops, institutes and conferences are excellent opportunities to not only pick up useful knowledge and skills but also to make connections and network within the publishing community.  Listed below are examples of some of options that are available, as well as some other resources for writers and editors.

NOTE: Many of the programs listed below are not free (or local), but may be worth considering if you are interested in a career in publishing.


Write to Publish Conference (Portland)

Write to Publish is a "two-day conference aiming to demystify the publishing process for writers."  Hosted by Portland State University's Ooligan Press.


Independent Publishing Resource Center (Portland)

"The IPRC offers educational workshops on a variety of subjects related to publishing. The workshops are designed to give participants technical information and hands-on experience which they can they apply to their individual projects. We are always expanding our offerings based on the public demand for topics relating to publishing, writing and artwork."


Simon Fraser Summer Publishing Workshops

Simon Fraser University, outside of Vancouver, BC, is home to the Canadian Centre for Studies in Publishing.  The summer sessions feature 1- and 2-day intensive workshops on a variety of publishing topics.  


University of Denver Publishing Institute

"The Denver Publishing Institute is the ideal launching pad for your career in book publishing. Over the course of four weeks, it will introduce you to the process of book publishing, and provide a solid educational foundation and an excellent network for your subsequent job search. The Institute is taught by industry professionals who work at trade, university, textbook, and small independent publishers throughout the country as well as in New York."


NYU Summer Publishing Institute

"The Summer Publishing Institute immerses students in an intense, six-week study of book, magazine, and digital publishing. Now in its 33rd year, the program combines workshops, strategy sessions, and presentations by some of the leading figures in publishing. Our faculty and speakers introduce students to the editorial, marketing, creative, business, sales, and multimedia aspects of the industry. Students create actual launch plans for new magazines and imprints for book publishing houses and learn from having their projects judged by a panel of senior publishing executives."