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Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act

The USA PATRIOT act as passed by Congress


American Library Association

Introduction to USA PATRIOT Act Resources

Evergreen State College

Anti-Terrorism Legislation & Homeland Security

Anti-Terrorism Legislation, Homeland Security, and Related Issues

Association of Research Libraries

Homeland Security Act Resource Page


Behind the Homefront

A daily chronicle of news in homeland security and military operations affecting newsgathering, access to information, and the public's right to know.

National publicity campaign for terrorism preparedness from Homeland Security.


Analysis of Provisions of Proposed Anti-Terrorism Act of 2001 Affecting Privacy of Communication and Personal Information

Electronic Privacy Information Center

Terrorism: Section by Section Analysis of the USA PATRIOT Act

Congressional Research Service

Summary and Analysis of Key Sections of the USA PATRIOT Act of 2001


California Library Association

Intellectual Freedom Forum

Cyber-Security: Response to September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks

Center for Democracy and Technology

"States seek to restrict public access in wake of terrorist attacks."

Freedom Forum

In Defense of Freedom

In Defense of Freedom Coalition

Security vs. Open Records


Post-September 11 Environment: Access to Government Information




Libraries and the Patriot Legislation

American Library Association

Library Law

Annotated links relating to the USA PATRIOT Act

The USA PATRIOT Act on Library and Internet Terminals

Mary Minow

Possible Impacts of Major Counter Terrorism Security Actions on Research, Development, and Higher Education

Congressional Research Service, Report for Congress

The Search and Seizure of Electronic Information: The Law Before and After the USA PATRIOT Act

Association of Research Libraries

What the Library Patron Should Know about The USA Patriot Act Colorado Association of Libraries

Policies and Procedures

Office for Intellectual Freedom - ALA

American Library Association

Taking the Mystique out of the USA PATRIOT Act: Information, Process, and Protocol.

Cornell Office of Information Technology.

Privacy Guidelines for Electronic Resources Vendors (ICOLC)

International Coalition of Library Consortia

Privacy and Confidentiality

ALA Report on Confidentiality in the Electronic Environment

American Library Association's Task Force on Privacy and Confidentiality in the Electronic Environment

Confidentiality and Coping with Law Enforcement Inquiries

American Library Association

Privacy and Confidentiality

American Library Association

State Privacy Laws Regarding Library Records

American Library Association

Library Records Post-PATRIOT Act

Mary Minow

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse



Web4Lib Resources for Systems Administrators



Civil Liberties

Safe and Free: Terrorism and Civil Liberties

American Civil Liberties Union


The Attorney General's Guidelines

Electronic Privacy Information Center

Attorney General's Guidelines Regarding Information Sharing Under the USA PATRIOT Act

U.S. Department of Justice, Official Legal Policy.

Field Guidance on New Authorities (Redacted) Enacted in 2001 Anti-Terrorism Legislation

U.S. Department of Justice

Searching and Seizing Computers and Obtaining Electronic Evidence in Criminal Investigations

U.S. Department of Justice