Electronic Reserve Guidelines

To support the teaching and learning activities of faculty and students, Pacific University Library provides an electronic reserve (ERes) system to be used for course readings and other course materials.

Faculty and students are responsible for complying with all copyright laws in regards to use of the ERes system. For help getting copyright permissions, please contact your department.


Electronic Reserve Forms

Initial Submission:


E-Reserve Request Form (printable .pdf)


Add Materials to Existing ERes Page

Additional Materials Form



General Guidelines for ERes System

Materials placed on electronic reserve should only constitute a small portion of the required (and/or supplemental) course readings.  The ERes system is not intended to replace course-packs. 

All materials submitted for use in the ERes system must either belong to a faculty member, a department/school of the University, or the Library.

Copyrighted materials that will be used by the same faculty member for more than one course at the same time, or for more than one semester, must have copyright clearance after the initial use.

Access to ERes materials for a specific course will be limited to students currently enrolled in the course, and will be password-protected.  Access will end on the last day of the course. 


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Guidelines for the Nature of Materials to be Used

These are intended as general guidelines to aid compliance with copyright law and Fair Use guidelines.  For proposed uses not covered here, please consult with the Library.

These may be placed on reserve without first seeking copyright clearance:

Faculty must FIRST receive copyright clearance to use the following:

If a faculty member can demonstrate that there is a “spontaneous” need to use material which falls into one of these “mandatory permission” categories, and there is not adequate time to seek copyright clearance, it may still be possible to place the material on reserve.  Faculty members should consult with the Library and proper University copyright authorities to make such a determination.

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 Guidelines for Submission of Materials

Allow at least 24 hours from submission for materials to be placed in the ERes system.

                            Forest Grove Campus:  mill8921@pacificu.edu or                                                                bortlese@pacificu.edu


                           Hillsboro/PDX Campus:  farrism@pacificu.edu


Material Format Guidelines


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Return/Renewal/Removal of Materials


Materials owned by faculty or departments will be returned via campus mail as soon as processing is complete.


At the end of each term, all materials placed in the ERes system must either be renewed (by submitting a renewal form) for use in the next term, or be removed and made inaccessible. 

Please note:  If material has been used under the provisions of the Fair Use guidelines, it may not be used in more than one term for the same course and same faculty member without copyright clearance.

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Managing Your Own ERes Page

If desired, faculty members may manage their own course pages on the ERes systems.  This includes scanning and placing materials online and managing the renewal and/or removal of materials.

Faculty members must still submit an E-Reserve Request Form to the Library to initiate the creation of a course page.  However, it is only necessary to fill in the course information, unless materials will accompany this initial request.

Prior to managing their own course pages, faculty members are required to take part in a 30-minute orientation session, which will include:



It is extremely important for faculty members who manage their own course pages to be knowledgeable about the requirements, and liabilities, of copyright law.

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