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Consumer Reference and General Information

Details on recalls, safe usage, etc.

Easy to search for consumer and business info.

All products FDA regulates, advice on products.

A quick search site for drug and alcohol info.

Research, news, events, and a compiled list of institutes web-sites.

Easy to use material, more info. on health and safety as well.


Dental Health

Information on dentistry as well as news and clinical trials.

Country by country statistics on oral health, consumption of sugar, etc.

A comprehensive list of sites pertaining to dental health. Easy to navigate.



Advises Congress and the President of ways to enhance life of those with disabilities.

Lots of great links, including related legislation, education and work.



Medicare and Medicaid services.

Easy-to-use site designed for those receiving medicare.

Payments, drug costs benefits and disability help.


Mental Health

Mental disorders info. and recent news in the field.

Great search site for specific disorders.

Information for Veterans on mental disturbances.

Data on mental health around the country including services and programs.


Occupational Therapy

A-Z list of sites to browse.

Backdated a little but some useful info.

Search by occupation, hazards, injuries, chemicals, safety, and response.

Use A-Z links at top for specific occ. safety search.



Information on visual disorders, research laboratories, and education.

Great site for optometry information.

List of eye and vision topics to explore.



Great for details on different medicines.

List of drug therapy topics to explore.


Easy to use website with a huge drug database available from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.


Like a chemistry 101 and some good information with useful diagrams.


A-Z list of sites to browse.


Physical Therapy

Good for education information and a great job searching component.


Local information, jobs, etc.