LCPS: Strategic Goals


LCPS' strategic goals provide direction for the activities of the team.  Objectives and activities related to these goals are set on a three-year cycle in recognition of exponential and unexpected changes in technology and the need to adapt accordingly.


Goal 1.  Create and maintain digital collections of enduring value.



Goal 2.  Create policies and procedures for the development, production, management and preservation of digital content and metadata, technical workflow, quality control, and intellectual property issues.



Goal 3.  Provide leadership (within the Library and the University) in the research & development of new applications of technology relevant to digital collections and publishing.



Goal 4.  Develop advocates and partnerships both internal and external to the University.



Goal 5.  Increase the visibility and use of local collections outside of the University.



Goal 6.  Preserve the integrity and accessibility of materials held in digital and physical local collections.



Goal 7.  Manage continued growth of archival collections.



Goal 8.  Provide sustainable publishing services for the University and University partners.



Goal 9.  Educate the University community about issues and practices related to publishing, digital collections and preservation.