Library Liaisons

Each department, program or college annually designates a faculty member to serve as the library liaison-to work with a designated librarian to build library services and collections that support curricula and department/program goals.

Each librarian/library subject specialist is responsible for working with a designated list of departments/programs and will work closely with library liaisons from those departments. Both the librarian and the liaison have responsibilities in the relationship.

Familiarity with library collections and services

Near the beginning of each academic year, the department liaison and the designated librarian/subject specialist should meet at the Library for a tour and a brief discussion of library services and collections.

It is suggested that the department liaison follow-up this visit with some time spent browsing the collections and using electronic resources that are of special interest to his/her department.




Library acquisitions

Library Liaison, Academic Year 2013-2114



Library Liaison

Departmental Liaison
Art Eva Guggemos  
Athletic Training Nancy Henderson  
Audiology Nancy Henderson  
Biology Lynda Irons  
Business Lynda Irons  
Chemistry Lynda Irons  
Communication Sciences and Disorders Nancy Henderson  
Dental Health Science Nancy Henderson  
Economics Lynda Irons  
Education Megan Drake  
English Lynda Irons  
Environmental Studies Lynda Irons  
Exercise Science Lynda Irons  
Gerontology Nancy Henderson  
Health Care Administration and Leadership Nancy Henderson  
Healthcare Compliance Nancy Henderson  
History Eva Guggemos  
Master of Fine Arts Marita Kunkel  
Master of Healthcare Administration Nancy Henderson  
Mathematics and Computer Science Megan Drake  
Media Arts Megan Drake  
Music Santha Zaik  
Occupational Therapy Nancy Henderson  
Optometry Nancy Henderson  
Pharmacy Nancy Henderson  
Philosophy Eva Guggemos  
Physical Therapy Nancy Henderson  
Physician Assistant Studies Nancy Henderson  
Physics Lynda Irons  
Politics and Government Eva Guggemos  
Professional Psychology Nancy Henderson  
Psychology Lynda Irons  
Sociology/Anthropology, Social World, and Comparative Religion Eva Guggemos  
Theatre and Dance Lynda Irons  
World Languages and Literatures Eva Guggemos