CommonKnowledge Senior Project Award

The Pacific University Libraries present an annual Senior Project Award to recognize outstanding scholarship in senior theses.  Projects will be evaluated based on their originality of thought, integration of relevant scholarship, and clarity of expression.  In the first year of the award, only senior projects that included a written component were eligible to compete; this year, the award has been expanded to include projects in different formats).

The winning thesis will receive $150.  Two theses will receive honorable mention, and awards of $75 each.  The honors will be noted in the records for the projects in CommonKnowledge


To be eligible to compete for the award, the thesis:

All projects submitted for consideration for the award will be included in the CommonKnowledge thesis/capstone collection.  This collection preserves, and provides a showcase for, exemplary work by graduating seniors.

Download: FAQ - Student Work and CommonKnowledge


Submission Guidelines and Deadline

Download: CommonKnowledge license agreement


Evaluation Process

A faculty committee will judge submissions according to the general criteria (originality of thought, integration of relevant scholarship, and clarity of expression). For papers, the the committee will evaluate whether:


(Evaluation criteria adapted from Hawai'i Pacific University)