Spring 2011


Barney Lerten '77

Looking Ahead

The move from the Forest Grove campus to HPC3 will provide new facilities for optometry instruction and research...


Shelley Washburn, Director, MFA in Writing program

Beautiful Magazine

I just got the new Pacific magazine...Kathlene Postma

Honors for Pacific magazine Website

The new online magazine, which debuted with the Fall 2010 edition, received a Bronze Award...

By the Numbers Alumni

Although Pacific University is located on the western fringe of the continent, alumni live in all 50 U.S. states. Not surprisingly, most live in Oregon, followed by Washington, California and Hawai’i. There are just five alumni in distant Delaware (greetings Blue Hens!), but besides Idaho (in fifth at 400) there are pretty good contingents in Arizona (395), and over 200 each in Alaska, Minnesota, Montana, Oklahoma and Texas - enough for a great Go Boxers party!

Briefly Noted

Football and football (soccer), Jane Austen, malarial lizards and vineyard aches and pains.

Line up

Sports shorts about Pacific students.