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Trustee Kim & Barb Ledbetter

'It's a Way We Can Help'

Trustee Kim Ledbetter and his wife, Barb, support Pacific University’s growth. 

Transitions, Spring 2014

Comings and goings of Pacific University faculty and staff.

By the Numbers, Spring 2014

Small private universities aren’t always known for their research programs, but undergraduates at Pacific University have the opportunity to spend lots of time in the lab and in the field. Pacific’s student research opportunities have more than tripled in the last decade, expanding out of the natural sciences to include social sciences as well, and student applicants for summer research positions continue to soar.

Huddle, Spring 2014

Featuring notable alumni, faculty and staff in the world of athletics, including Chelsey Chamberlain '12, Frank Johnson '91 and Joe Moran '51.

Lineup, Spring 2014

Featuring top-performing student-athletes, including Jordan Fukumoto '14, Kara Lankey '17, Tyler Shipley '16, Una Areta '17 and Brandon Harms '15.

Briefly Noted, Spring 2014

Featuring Pacific University's new master of social work and bachelor of music therapy programs, summer construction on the Forest Grove Campus, and a new agreement with a Hawai‘i community college.

Honors & Awards, Spring 2014

Featuring top accomplishments by Pacific University faculty and staff members Kevin Johnson, Dawn Salgado, Wilbur Ramirez-Rodriguez '10, Nancy Ann Neudauer and Isaac Gilman.

Q&A, Spring 2014

What is the greatest discovery or invention of your lifetime?


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New Residence Hall

Reynolds Field has been the site of countless memories for Pacific University students through the ages — and it’s about to become the home of even more.