An Apple a Day

An Apple a Day

From alternative diets to intramural athletics, Pacific University students embrace healthy lifestyles in new ways, on and off campus.

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For many Pacific students, health will, of course, become a career. There are the obvious options in the College of Health Professions and College of Optometry—from physician assistants to audiologists to occupational and physical therapists to psychologists. This year, Pacific’s College of Arts & Sciences also has added a major in public health and a minor in outdoor leadership, and exercise science has long been a popular major for undergrads.

For students outside the realm of health-related fields, courses still provide a way to learn about and act out good health.

The Exercise Science Department administers a physical activity program that offers more than 30 different activity classes. Courses range from walking to training for competition, said Philip Schot, chair of the department.

“We have a broad array of physical activity classes…good for your health and good for your stress,” he said. “Fundamentally, exercise should be enjoyable and fun. People are more likely to exercise if they find some inherent value to it.”

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