Boxer Fans Warm Up for Football

Aug. 30, 2012

Let the season begin—it's time for some football!

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It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, and tonight, that somewhere is Lincoln Park Stadium at Pacific University.

Across campus, classes are wrapping up. A study group in the lawn is dumping the books and picking up a game of Frisbee football. Students play beach volleyball behind the University Center.

People are starting to move north, little by little, in their Boxer red-and-black. A pair of cheerleaders, already in uniform, carry their gym bags toward the stadium, practicing the arm motions for their cheers as they walk.

Kickoff for the first football game of the year—a rare Thursday night game against the Simon Fraser Clan—is in just under two hours, and the pigskin fans are ready to go.

Music carries on the air. It’s “I’m Here for the Party,” and they are. In the M Parking Lot next to the stadium entrance, families and students are already backed in. Their SUVs, hatchbacks and pickup trucks are opened up. Folding tables, chairs, coolers and portable grills are pulled from the vehicles, and the fain aroma of charcoal starts wafting.

A girl in white shorts and a red Pacific T-shirt, maybe 11 years old, does cartwheels through the grass. Older girls wear Pacific tees, sleeves rolled up, mini-pompons in hand.

In the Boxer Club tent, catering is setting up heating pans for hotdogs and hamburgers. There’s beer on ice. Members will get a special $2 beer, free food, deal, but anyone is welcome to hang out, cheer and catch a few plays of other, televised college games kicking off around the country.

On the field, the players are already warming up. Still in shorts or sweats, no pads, team members huddle to review plays, toss the ball back and forth, take a few snaps, test a few kicks.

Just an hour and a half left now...but don't worry if you're not there. We'll do it all again Sept. 29 for Homecoming. Register now and get "here for the party."