Briefly Noted, Fall 2011

Featuring a governor's donation, a renowned philosopher, food service sustainability and accountability, and the College of Optometry's Pacific EyeClinic Beaverton.

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Governor’s Donation

Former Oregon Governor and Pacific Trustee Emeritus Victor G. (Vic) Atiyeh (Hon. ’96) recently donated a collection of papers, photographs and other artifacts from his public and private lives to Pacific University’s Library. Items include papers from an extensive legislative career in which he represented Washington County in Salem, in addition to items from his time as governor (1979-87). He was an advocate for the state’s economic interests and the Oregon Republican Party. This collection will be invaluable for those studying politics, economics and international issues, among other things. The collection will be housed in the Archives and Special Collections repositories.  

Renowned Philosopher

Noam Chomsky discussed prospects for peace in the Middle East at the Forest Grove campus on April 20. Chomsky is an institute professor and professor emeritus of linguistics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge. Considered one of the fathers of modern linguistics, he has authored more than 150 books, holds countless awards and has received international acclaim as a political dissident. The event was held in the Stoller Center and attracted over 1,500 attendees.

Sustainability & Service

ARAMARK, Pacific University’s food service provider, has recently become more sustainable. In April, two alumni raised awareness of the harmful environmental effects and human rights aspects related to bottled water. In response to a University petition garnering more than 300 signatures to ban the sale of bottled water, ARAMARK has phased out the sale of bottled water in dining services on campus.

ARAMARK’s Accountability

Have you ever considered what happens to surplus food from buffets and restaurants? For many dining facilities, the extra food goes straight into the trash, due to strict food safety laws. However, this is not the case with Pacific’s food service provider. In April, ARAMARK began a pilot program to aid the hungry by implementing a Food Donation Connection initiative. In this program, extra food is frozen and sent to local agencies that aid the hungry in Oregon. Food surpluses are inevitable but those surpluses have now become imperative to local relief agencies like the Salvation Army of Hillsboro and the Shelter at Orenco Station. In the first four weeks alone, Pacific and ARAMARK donated more than 600 pounds of prepared food to local organizations.

Ahead of the Pack

The College of Optometrys Pacific EyeClinic Beaverton opened in August, with a grand opening ceremony Oct. 6 featuring corporate and political leaders and organizational representatives. Although the clinic is a full-service clinicproviding eye care, contact lens care, optical dispensary and prescriptionsit also features the world’s first 3D performance clinic, treating patients who experience eyestrain or nausea when viewing 3D media. Coupled with the clinic, the College’s Vision Performance Institute will conduct research on patients who have difficulty with 3D media and work with the industry to perfect 3D technology to provide these patients with the best possible viewing experience. The clinic has received significant funding from the 3D industry, including substantial contributions from THX, Vision Service Plan, Intel, Marchon, M3D, Nike Vision, LG, Eye Designs, and Planar Systems. Additionally, partners in the 3D@Home consortium has also provided assistance. Due to the clinic’s emphasis in visual performance and location in Beaverton near the Nike campus, sports vision will also be an integral part of the clinic’s services. Working in tandem with Nike, the clinic will operate sport-specific performance evaluations and vision treatment for world class athletes, teams and the general public.