Ellen Hastay

Ellen Hastey, Service Learning Coordinator Humanitarian Center. (Photo by Heidi Hoffman)

Connections to Continue

Ellen Hastay has been with Pacific University for 17 years, but her time has been spent, at least in part, in countries far away.

Hastay, who is the Service Learning Coordinator, has directed the Humanitarian Center (what is now the Center for Civic Engagement) and taught Peace and Conflict studies courses. Hastay will say farewell when the academic year comes to a close.

Hastay’s most memorbable moments with Pacific took place in far away lands such as the Navajo Nation, the Amazon region of Ecuador and Peru, Ghana, Kenya and Cuba.

“Images come to mind of all-night ceremonies with hypnotic Navajo chanting, delight on students' faces when they mastered string games, eating fry bread and stew after we'd chopped wood for a Navajo elder, students' reactions to seeing the devastation from oil extraction in the Ecuadorian jungle, the meaning of community as we were enfolded in Ghanaian community-wide service projects, dances, and two-day funerals, and first-hand experience with the resourcefulness, playfulness, and challenges of life in Cuba,” said Hastay.

While Hastay plans to continue many of the community connections that she has established with her position at the Center for Civic Engagement, she will no longer be teaching.

“I will greatly miss having lively discussions and sharing insights with students in my Peace and Social Justice classes.  It is these students’ commitment to just/sustainable living that give me hope for the future!”

In addition, Hastay says that she will miss her “dear colleagues in the faculty and staff who have become cherished friends.”

-- Ashleigh Simons '12