Encore Photo: Fall 2011

Reflection in the library's window (Photo by Emily Dueker)

Our closing photo, joined here by a medley of other campus images from the 2010-11 school year.

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View From The University Library Window
By John Harn, 
Program Coordinator, International Student Recruitment, International Programs
In 1880 this was an empty field.
And then they started building.
They lashed poles together
and wore down wheelbarrow handles.
They passed ears of corn
and red bricks up the roof line.
Then they planted scores of white oaks.
And when the work was done
they dipped tin ladles
into oak barrels one last time
shared some loud small talk
and moved on
back into history
where they came from.
Little did they know their wages
would someday become the conjoined twin
symbols of this place, precious
first-born children
of the original trustees
and a pioneer mother
hauled in by wagon
for the occasion.
Today their gothic brick
monument to optimism
and the sixty-foot gargoyle oaks
they left for us
bookend everything
anchoring six generations
of birth-to-death mortal lives
passing exactly here
on this green lawn.
Eventually these 30-ton trees
each a galaxy
of proletariat roots
bureaucratic wood and spiritual leaves
and this limestone foundation
rooted in the classics
and like them crumbling in slow motion
will be less than a memory
nothing more
than a discoloration
in the new bedrock
of the old earth.
But not yet.
photo by Emily Dueker