Fall 2010 Coverage: Golden Memories

Class of 1960 signing the Golden Guard walkway. (Courtesy Photo)

CLASS OF 1960 ALUMNI gathered at Reunion in June, lunched, laughed and added their names to the Golden Guard Sidewalk near Old College Hall.

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They came together, some for the first time in 50 years, for the Class of 1960 Golden Guard Luncheon at Reunion. They hugged, they laughed, told stories and remembered those no longer with us.

One of the lightest moments in a day of joyous reaquaintance came when Ron Lindberg sheepishly stepped forward. Fifty years ago, he explained, his sheet was stolen from the clothesline in the McCormick Hall dorm lobby. Undaunted, he stole someone else’s and cut the owner’s name out. Feeling guilty all these years, he brought the sheet back to Jim Romig, who graciously accepted its return, hole and all.