Give & Go

May 16, 2012

Give & Go collects and donates leftover household goods as students pack up to leave campus.

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It happens every time I move: All the boxes are packed, sealed and carefully labeled, but there’s one more pile of random stuff sitting on the kitchen floor.

The last lamp that just didn’t fit in the car.

The two-sizes-too-big jeans that didn’t quite make it to Goodwill.

The “while-I-move” boxes of mac ‘n’ cheese that stayed sealed as I realized my plates, spoons and pots were already gone.

The cleaning supplies that I needed only after all the boxes were packed and gone.

Pacific University students have gathered up that and more in the past week as they pack their belongings for a summer—or next adventure—away from campus. As students enlist their parents’ help in loading suitcase after box after mini-fridge into overloaded SUVs and pickup trucks, their miscellany isn’t going to waste; it’s getting new life.

The Center for Civic Engagement sponsors Give & Go, an end-of-the-year donation drive where students can drop off their excess clothes, food, supplies and other household items before leaving campus. The items, in turn, will be donated to local partners for reuse by those in need. This year’s partners include Adelante Mujeres, CREATE, Forest Grove Family Resource Center, Foster Closet Inc., HomePlate and St. Vincent de Paul.

Things were slowing down by noon Wednesday—the last hour of the five-day drive. But volunteer Jazzlynn Garrett ’14 said donations had been extreme earlier in the week.

Among the highlights:

* One student went to the Bistro and spent his entire declining balance on canned food, which he then donated to Give & Go.

* Lots of Halloween costumes

* A brand-new, working flat screen TV

“I thought he was crazy,” Jazzlynn said of that last donor.

That may be, but at least he’s crazy for a good cause.