Giving: Jerry & Laura Frye

Pacific Alumni Jerry and Laura Frye. (Photo by Heidi Hoffma

Donor Profile: Jerry Frye ’61 and Laura Frye ’65

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Jerry Frye ’61 and his wife Laura ’65, may have graduated from Pacific, but in reality, they’ve never left the University.

The long-time donors, both in time and gifts, were presented Pacific’s Community Service Award in 1991 in recognition of their involvement in a myriad of University and civic activities. Both say Pacific is what’s given them their zest for life.“We were in the midst of an institution that nourished us,” says Jerry of his college days, “It’s framed who we are.”

A native of Gaston, Jerry graduated from Klamath Falls High School in 1957. He worked through school to pay his college and as luck would have it still had six hours of credits to take in the fall of 1961, the year that Laura enrolled as a music major. The two met through their involvement in the choir and when they both performed in Gilbert and Sullivan’s musical, “The Mikado,” their relationship was “cemented,” says Jerry. In those days, the theater department was so poor that costumes were actually stapled, not sewn together, says Laura. Pacific has come a long way, both Fryes agree.

“To see the quality and excellence of students and faculty…the recognition both in this area and the state and internationally—I think it’s incredible that this institution has done so well,” says Laura. The Fryes married in 1964 and opened Frye’s Action Athletics in 1975, a sportswear store in Forest Grove they operated for 30 years.

Jerry, who never fails to wear a Pacific shirt whenever he goes out of town, has been a consistent volunteer, including service on the Alumni Board and the Oak Tree Foundation.
The latter helped fund three residence halls. “We feel good about what we’ve given,” says Jerry. “It’s fun to be in the life of Pacific.”    

“We do know our dollars are going to be well spent,” says Laura. “It’s always so appreciated and it’s always been acknowledged.” —Wanda Laukkanen