Guest post: Completing a journey

June 28, 2012

On her last day, writing intern Ashleigh Simons '12 reflects on her experience at Pacific, how it helped her start her career and the memories she takes with her on the next journey.

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When I began my Pacific journey, I was only a fragment of the person I am today. Now, as I complete my last day with the University Advancement office, I feel like that journey, and that chapter of my life, is coming to an end.

In the beginning, I came to Pacific because I wanted to get a creative writing degree and because there was something about the campus that spoke to me. Though by the end of the first year I knew that I didn’t want to get a creative writing degree (sorry, creative writers!), a new direction took form.

As I began my second year, I was deep into my journalism program and, by the next year, I began an internship with the University Advancement office. For the next two years, I worked with the amazing staff and got real-world experience that was absolutely invaluable on my resume. I also began managing aspects of the student newspaper.

Between my classes, work and The Pacific Index, I was getting a pretty good idea of what my career would be like if I could score a job in my field. Through these different outlets, I learned skills I now apply at my new job.

Today, as I get ready to say goodbye to Pacific, I can’t help but be eternally grateful for everything that it has given me. Having had the opportunity to work in my field before graduation was, without a doubt, the reason I have a job today.

But beyond what Pacific has given me in terms of a career, Pacific also has given me a place I will always think of as home.

As I branch out into the rest of my life, I am left with memories that I hope will never fade—from the first victory of the football team, to spending the entire night talking to new friends in Walter Hall, to walking across the campus in the crisp, dewy fall air. I will have these memories to tide me over when I feel homesick.

Ashleigh has written for Pacific magazine, Pacific News, the Pacific University website and other publications during her time as a writing intern. Ashleigh is now a copywriter and junior writer at Crane Content, a content development firm in Portland.