Letter from the President

Dr. Hallick visits with board member Yvonne Katzm and other guests at the 2011 Legends Golf Classic. (Photo by Heidi Hoffman)

President Hallick: Boxer stories knit the fabric of the Pacific community

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It is hard to believe it is fall again, especially when we recently experienced beautiful 90 degree sunshine, but indeed the undergraduate students are back, the days are becoming shorter and classes and Saturday football games are in full swing on our historic Forest Grove campus. Homecoming and Reunion will bring alumni and friends back to Pacific University to reminisce, catch up with one another, witness the things that have changed and smile at those that have stayed the same. Family Weekend draws parents, siblings and friends to the campus and lets their often newly-minted college student show off and share their Boxer spirit. For the first time ever, Reunion, Homecoming and Family Weekend are being held at the same time, the last weekend of October. Preparations are underway, and although I admit there is the occasional “what were we thinking,” combining the three promises to result in a very exciting event!

During this weekend, the class of 1961 will be inducted into the Golden Guard at its 50th reunion. Current Pacific University students will give guided tours of campus, and a play will be performed in the Tom Miles Theatre. Faculty presentations will be given and wine tours will be offered. Receptions and special dinners will be held, and the Boxers will take on the University of Puget Sound in the Homecoming football game. Above all, the Boxer spirit will surround us and will help guests at all the events capture a glimpse of the inspiration and transformation that our students experience. 

In this issue, you will read about the once-in-a-lifetime earthquake and tsunamis in Japan and the impact they had on Pacific students and faculty who-both with and without connections to Japan-worked together to raise funds for aid. Follow class of 2010 alumna and Fulbright Scholar Angelica Rockquemore’s thoughts as she witnessed firsthand the tragedy of that event. Discover what your classmates and friends are doing through Class Notes. Read why Azizi Dunston ’01, Tom Barreto ’84, O.D. ’86, Bob Dernedde ’61 and Wendell Tobiason, a parent of Anika Tobiason ’13, are excited about returning to campus. Pore over archival material about the Black Student Union when it was at its most active in the mid-1970s, as remembered by Sheila Holden ’74. 

All of these stories are part of the fabric of our community. Pacific University is a place to obtain an education and a place to become connected to the world. Both have a lifelong impact on our graduates. I hope you will be able to join us October 28 through 30, and I look forward to hearing or reading your Boxer story. 

Warmest regards,

Lesley Hallick, President