Letter from the President

Letter from the President
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Our students cannot succeed without you.

Our alumni, our friends, our donors, our parents (and everyone who falls into more than one of those categories) are instrumental to supporting the world of Pacific University and the dreams of our students.

Thank you for your support in this past year and for your continued support in the future.

Last year, we undertook a strategic plan that sets some aggressive goals for our institution. There is a lot of detail in the plan, but the crux is this: We plan to serve 2,000 undergraduate and 2,000 graduate students a year by 2020.

That goal would mark significant, though not unattainable, growth for Pacific University — and it would help us reach a critical mass where we can balance the personal, nurturing learning environment that is so much a part of our identity with the comprehensive and flexible options that the students of today, and tomorrow, are seeking.

Getting there, though, will require help. It is not just about getting more students to apply or accepting more applicants; it is about growing our entire system, from academics to housing to support systems, in a way that attracts, serves and retains a greater number of students in a diverse selection of programs.

Our funding priorities come in three categories:

Endowment — Our endowed funds are carefully invested, and proceeds of the investments help Pacific keep tuition affordable for students and also provide specific scholarships, like the Eva C. Krebs Boxer Spirit Award to offset student debt and support student success.

Hillsboro Building 3 — The physical growth of Pacific University is necessary to support a growing student population. The third building on the Hillsboro Campus is a key priority in Pacific’s long-term plan.

Innovation and Opportunities — Growth requires exploration of and investment in new programs and ideas. The start-up of our College of Business, and its first graduate program, were made possible through the philanthropy of our trustees and friends. Other future opportunities include upgrades to athletic facilities, new science facilities, the new residence hall and more.

Throughout this issue of Pacific magazine, you will find stories about the difference your gifts make. Please know how much we appreciate all you do to support Pacific University, whether through contributions of your treasure or gifts of your time, as volunteers and mentors to our students. 

Warmest Regards,

Lesley M. Hallick, President